Lactation Granola Recipe

Zahara was 4 days old, I was tired and felt defeated because my milk still hasn't fully come in. I was crying to my midwife asking her what I was doing wrong and she suggested I look into baking some lactation cookies to help boost my supply. I devoured those cookies like a mad woman and my supply definitely increased which was amazing. BUT it was also full of sugar and was probably not a healthy snack to have every 2 hours.
The sugar crash was REAL! 
When I had Brooklyn I knew I had to incorporate galactagogues to my diet again and I was so grateful when my beautiful friend Gabby gifted me with her homemade granola. It was filling and full of nutritious ingredients so I knew it was good for me and my new baby. 
I tweaked the recipe she gave to my liking and I thought I'd share it with other breastfeeding mamas in hopes that it would help you out as well! This granola is such a good base so try to experiment with your mix ins each batch to figure out what flavours you like best.
They would also make great granola bars, you'll just have to add a bit more syrup and form them into bars.
 Below are helpful links to aussie businesses who sell some of the ingredients: 
 Download the printable file here




Eena xx 



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